Continuum .39

space game
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Choose from 8 different ships varying such features as manoeuvrability attritubes, weapon characteristics and shield-type, as you pit yourself against up to 250 people from all four corners of the globe at once! You'll require a steady trigger finger and wits to match. Subspace is divided into "Zones" which provide different games simultaneously. You can join in on these games at any time...some run "Capture the Flag" games (team wins if all flags are owned), some run "Turf Flag" games (the more stationary flags the team owns, the more points they receive). Other games include "Soccer", where players must compete over a ball, with their object to reach 10 goals for their team first. There are even zones that allow you to pit yourself against the mighty Deathstar and fly X-Wings, Tie Fighters and much much more! The take home message? Subspace offers all other games, in one simple package! Take 5 and chill in the luxury of "Safe Zone" where you will find all good exhausted pilots after a hard day's destruction....

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